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If you do not already have an online account with Sematic Shop but would like to apply for one, please follow the link and complete the application form.
In order to help you to find the right component, we created an online help where you can get some useful tips about Sematic door components.
For any other question or suggestion, please send us an e-mail to SematicShop@wittur.com
If you are looking for a product not present in our catalog or if you can't find the right product, please send us your inquiry with the following form
Sematic Shop terms of sale provide a minimum amount of order of 100€.
Just in case your order doesn't reach the minimum amount expected (tax and shipping costs excluded), we apply a charge in order to get 100€ in the invoice (tax and shipping costs excluded).
In case of lower amount, the difference between the “Ordered Parts” and the “Minimum Invoice Amount” will be clearly shown in the invoice.
In this case we would suggest:
• to group more orders together in one order only
• to add some standard components purchased regularly (e.g. Door shoes C116AAFP or Carriage kicking rollers C144AAOP that you can hold as minimum stock).
At the moment this payment option is not available.
You can pay according with Sematic sales conditions.
After receiving your order, we send you an order confirmation with all the details about stock items and expected delivery date.
In case of claim, fill in the following form
All claims in relation to a defect shall become barred inside one year as from delivery of the item. However with regards to specific items Sematic reserves its right to extend the period of guarantee which shall be two years with regards to engines and three years or 10.000 hours of working  with regards to controllers for automatic lift doors unless agreed otherwise in writing.
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